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The Oedema Institute is hosting the Lymphoedema Accreditation qualification course, recognised by the Australasian Lymphology Association (ALA) and designed for a range of health professionals, including but not limited to, Physiotherapists, Registered Nurse, Osteopath, Medical Doctors, Speech Pathologists, Podiatrists, and Occupational Therapists. It will give participants the opportunity to play a leading role in this underserviced area of the health landscape.

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Online lymphoedema courses

Lymphoedema Accreditation

Online component from October 17 preceding in-person component December 5 to 9 2022.

The online component to this course will include 100hrs then 5 days face to-face. 80% pass is required on the online component before attending the face-to-face sessions. The online course will be delivered by Klose training.

This evidence-based program will focus on the most up-to-date management pathways in treating Lymphoedema, Lipoedema and oedema related to vascular pathologies.

On completion of the Lymphoedema training course participants will gain:

  • A solid understanding of the Anatomy/Physiology of the Lymphatic System
  • Define the different types of oedema conditions
  • Demonstrate bandaging skills for both short stretch and 2 layer coban application
  • Provide a solid understanding of garment classification and different types of garment use in Lymphoedema management.
  • Integrate the skills to plan a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan for a person at risk of or living with lymphoedema and chronic oedemas using latest evidence
  • interpret assessment findings and use clinical reasoning to develop an evidence-based person-centred intervention plan
  • understand the revised anatomy and physiology (Starlings forces) of the lymphatic system
  • define the prospective surveillance and early intervention model of care in cancer rehabilitation and how this can be integrated into healthcare settings
  • discuss individual and societal impact of lymphoedema and chronic oedema models of care and how latest imaging assessments can change clinical practice
  • demonstrate evidenced based best practice management skills for the assessment and management of treating lymphoedema of the head and neck, upper limb and breast, lower limb and genital regions
  • demonstrate safe, effective, hand skills and competencies in delivering Manual Lymphatic Massage techniques to treat lymphoedema of the head and neck, upper limb and breast, lower limb and genital regions
  • access to measuring and treatment equipment devices for the use in Lymphoedema treatment and management.
  • Contraindications to treatment and management pathways.

This Lymphoedema Accreditation Training Course on lymphoedema education incorporates a foundation module which is completed on line. This is a mandatory unit and must be completed before starting the regional modules.

1. Foundational Module

  • Fundamentals of Lymphoedema Treatment Management
  • Clinical and history assessment
  • Various oedema conditions
  • Lymphatic System anatomy/physiology
  • Assessment tools and modalities

2. Regional Modules

  • Lymphoedema Training for the Upper Limb and Breast
  • Lymphoedema Training for the Lower Limb and Genital Region

Pricing for the complete course is $3950 + GST. Can be paid in 2 installments Oct 17th and Nov 7th

These training units incorporate online interactive sessions and face-to-face learning. Case studies and assessments will be included. Time with the instructor through zoom meetings will be allocated. Each regional unit has been designed as a stand-alone unit with all participants required to complete the Foundational units.

It is possible to take one only of the regional units if appropriate to the particular profession

Upper Limb Module (includes the 100hrs mandatory online foundational module, plus 2 days in person)

  • $2490 +GST
  • Typically may suit physio, breast care nurse

Lower Limb Module (includes the 100hrs mandatory online foundational module, plus 2.5 days in person)

  • $2990 +GST

We also have the Head and Neck Module 

  • 2 days face to face
  • $990 + GST
  • Must be recognised by ALA as a lymphoedema therapist

This could also be done in combination with the foundational module which would typically suit a speech therapist and cost $2490 + GST

ALA Accredited Training Provider

ALA Accredited training provider is Susan Butcher, Clinical Manager of Oedema Institute, and ALA accredited Lymphoedema specialist. Susan has worked in the health industry for 20yrs, including managing her own lymphoedema clinic.  


  • Presenter at national conferences
    • Australasian Lymphology Association
    • Massage and Myotherapy Australia
    • Phlebology Conference
  • Guest Panelist for Lymphoedema webinars nationally and internationally (Medical Online Hub)
  • Consultant for Sigvaris Global
  • Advocacy work alongside Cancer Council for better health funding for Lymphoedema patients.
  • Guest Presenter at TAFE on chronic disease management.
  • International Lymphoedema Framework Poster Presenter in Denmark 2021. (A case study and research trials on effects of Low level Multilase in the treatment of Lipoedema.)

The Oedema Institute is a comprehensive, state of the art clinic in Monash, Melbourne, Australia, purpose built for the treatment and management of oedema associated with lymphoedema, lipoedema and vascular pathologies. Leaders in research and education, and suppliers and expert fitters of compression and specialty garments.

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Please contact us to enquire about this course as spaces are strictly limited.

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